A good story stays in the mind and touches the heart.

Work with me! I have a lot to offer!

In the summer of 2019, I thought “it’s now or never” and cleared out my desk at the advertising agency, full of drive and a desire for something new. I carefully tucked away all the wiggles and succulents on my desk in a cardboard box and got out to go my own way.

And that’s how my little one-man business Storymade ” came into being. Since then, I have only done what my heart burns for. And of course my blog Bistro Badia is at the top of the list!

My offer

Storytelling forms the core of my work at all levels. A good story stays in your head and touches your heart at the same time. Your target group doesn’t buy your product, they buy your story!

White Label: Content only for your channels and pages

Do you need photos and texts for your channels? I would be happy to create professional photos and texts for you in the look and feel of your brand. An integration into my blog does not take place.

  • Concept
  • Professional White Label (Food) Photography 
  • White label recipe development
  • Texts for your own channels

Native Advertising: Your brand in the context of Bistro Badia

Levantine cuisine has been all the rage since Ottolenghi at the latest. In addition, the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets. Bistro Badia is about to become the place to go for Levantine cuisine in German-speaking countries. You would like to stage your brand in this context on Bistro Badia? Then let’s talk about a cooperation.

Here, however, your brand has to fit my blog & style and convince me 100%.

  • Professional Food Photography
  • Native embedding of your product in my posts on the blog and on social media.
  • When I burn for a cause, I burn for it! Convince me and I will become your brand ambassador!

Social Media: I take over

I would be happy to support you in the conceptual and operational implementation of your social media channels. From the idea and strategy to the editorial planning and publication of your posts, you can leave everything in my hands. I make sure that your community feels comfortable.

  • Concept & Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Editorial planning

Contact me!

You can also find more information and references at storymade.de