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Levant. The cookbook: 125 delicious oriental recipes

For a long time I thought about it and even longer I hesitated, but now the time has finally come: I have written my first cookbook! It is called “Levant. The Cookbook” and it is equipped with a whole 125 recipes from the eastern Mediterranean.

The taste of the Levant

In the selection of recipes it was very important to me to show the diversity, but also the mutability of Levantine cuisine. So you will find in my cookbook not only a large selection of oriental recipes from Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Turkey and Cyprus, but also some recipes developed by myself with the typical taste of the Levant.

Even though I could easily adopt some of the classics, such as hummus, labneh, taboulé and fattoush already from the blog – classics are just classics – I invested many hours in researching classics unknown to me. Those were delicious hours, because of course I cooked everything, refined, perfected and enjoyed. Of course, my mother also had one or two family recipes in store, which also made it into the cookbook.

For example, in the book you will find the delicious Syrian quince stew with lamb and butter bulgur, Daoud Basha (meatballs in tomato sauce), fish in tahini sauce, sugared tahini buns called Tahiniv Hatz or Karabij (pistachio semolina cookies). So a look at the cookbook is definitely worth it for those who love the taste of the Levant.

But of course I did not miss the opportunity to develop my very own creations in the spirit of Levant cuisine itself. For example, there are crispy shrimp wrapped in kadaifi threads with a spicy harissa mayo or aromatic stuffed onions with freekeh in tomato sauce or a delicious lentil salad with beet and roasted pistachios.

This is how the book is structured

I have divided the chapters according to the topics mezze, main dishes, sweets and basics.

  • The chapter Mezze is divided into “Salads” and small “Mezze dishes”.
  • The chapter “Main dishes” is divided into the topics meat, vegetarian & vegan and fish.
  • Then, of course, under “Sweets” you’ll find a delicious selection of sweet treats.
  • The “Basics” chapter includes the topics “Spices and Pastes”, “Creams and Dips” and “Savory Pastries”.
  • Of course, there is also a glossary where you can find all the recipes listed by alphabet.

The cookbook is published by Christian Verlag and is available everywhere from 11 October 2023 in bookstores. By the way, I would love to hear your feedback! If you bought my cookbook or got it as a gift, feel free to share your impressions in the comments or send me an email directly.

I wish you lots of fun reading, cooking and of course enjoying!

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