Potato kibbeh croquettes, served with small mezze bowls.
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Bulgur recipes – 10 delicious dishes

These bulgur recipes will broaden your culinary horizons! But what is bulgur actually? Bulgur is a wheat meal made from durum wheat and is often used in the Levant.

If you would like to find out more about bulgur, take a look at the article on bulgur. There is a lot to learn about the wheat product.

Have you only used bulgur as the main ingredient in salads so far? Then be surprised at the variety of dishes you can prepare with this wheat product.

Whether traditional or newly developed creations, mezze or main course, vegan or vegetarian – you’ll find what you’re looking for in this recipe collection if you’re looking for really good bulgur recipes. Let yourself be inspired and try out a few recipes at your next cooking evening.

Have fun preparing them and, of course, bon appétit.

Classic bulgur recipes

Taboulé – Parsley salad

Taboulé parsley salad served in a bowl.

One of the most important basic recipes in Levantine cuisine is taboulé. Some people think this is a couscous salad – that’s wrong! It is an aromatic parsley salad with fine bulgur, which is traditionally eaten in lettuce leaves. A must for your next mezzetable!

Winter Taboulé

Winter Taboulé served on a white plate, pink cloth and herbs.

In this version of the Levantine classic, the ratio of bulgur and parsley is reversed. So more bulgur and less parsley. But that’s not all: chickpeas and minced meat are also added and then the dish is enjoyed warm rather than cold. Just the right comfort food for cold days.

Çiğ Köfte

Ciq Köfte served with lettuce leaves and lemon.

It doesn’t always have to be meat, so here is the recipe for vegan cigköfte. They are made from bulgur instead of raw meat. The Turkish bulgur meatballs are refined with herbs and spices and are therefore an absolute taste highlight.

Kibbeh croquettes

Classic kibbeh croquettes filled with minced meat are served on a round marble plate. A kibbeh is cut in half and gripped by one hand.

Everyone knows potato croquettes, but what about kibbeh croquettes? In contrast to the French classic, the Lebanese version is prepared with bulgur. It takes a little more work to make, but the delicious crispy croquette with minced meat and pine nuts is well worth it. Wash your hands and start shaping the kibbeh!

Kibbeh in yogurt sauce

Kibbeh in yogurt sauce served on a dark plate.

Have you tried the classic kibbeh recipe? If so, then it’s time for an upgrade in the form of a creamy yogurt sauce. The sauce is refined with garlic and mint and gives the dish a fresh note.

Potato Kibbeh

Potato kibbeh croquettes, served with small mezze bowls.

I have another kibbeh recipe for you here. It is a mixture of French and Lebanese croquette. Because a few potatoes are added to the crispy kibbeh coating. The filling is made only from onions, pine nuts and spices, which is why these crispy pieces are absolutely vegan and super tasty.

Kisir – Turkish bulgur salad

Kisir served in a bowl. Next to it are plates with salad leaves and herbs.

Want to conjure up a quick and easy salad? Then this Turkish bulgur salad is just the thing! Simply leave the bulgur to soak and chop the other ingredients in the meantime. Then put everything in a bowl, mix well and you’re ready to eat. Incidentally, this salad is ideal as a meal prep for on the go.

Creative bulgur recipes

Bulgur salad with za’atar and pomegranate

Bulgur salad served on a plate.

Is a leaf salad too boring for you? Then be sure to try this delicious bulgur salad with fresh vegetables, herbs and spices from the Levant. Whether as a side dish or lunch snack – you can prepare this vegan salad quickly and easily and enjoy it straight away.

Butter bulgur

Butter bulgur served with a spoon in a marble bowl.

If you are already a fan of butter rice, then you will like the butter bulgur just as much. This bulgur recipe is prepared in the same way as butter rice and differs only in the main ingredient. Just like its pedant, it is a delicious side dish and can be served with all stews and grilled dishes.

Lentil and bulgur balls

Lentil and bulgur balls with pearl couscous in yoghurt sauce, served in a deep plate

Lentils and bulgur are a delicious mixture that is fantastic for forming into balls. The balls are kneaded with a few Levantine spices and then fried in a pan until crispy. Instead of spaghetti and tomato sauce, they are served with pearl couscous and a vegan yogurt sauce.

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