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Summer salads – The 13 best recipes

Fresh and crunchy summer salads simply taste best because they are full of colorful ingredients. I just love making salads in summer because the selection of fruit and vegetables is so much greater than at other times of the year.

Sure, there are now many varieties available all year round in the supermarket – but let’s be honest: tomatoes, berries and the like usually taste like nothing out of season and are rather watery.

On warm summer days, you can simply buy ripe, aromatic fruit and vegetables fresh from the market, where you can get the tastiest regional and seasonal produce. Or do you even have your own garden? Because seasonal vegetables simply taste so much better.

Whether as a meal prep, after-work or low-carb dish – summer salads are rarely elaborate, so you can make them quickly and easily yourself. And if you roast a few vegetables on the grill, you can also conjure up delicious grilled salads. The roasted aromas add extra flavor.

As most salads are served as a side dish, they are vegan or vegetarian – so you can feed everyone.

Here are the 13 best summer salad recipes. I hope you enjoy preparing them and, of course, bon appétit.

Melon salad with feta and olives

Summer salad: Watermelon salad with feta and olives

No summer without watermelon and feta salad! Because with just 5 ingredients, this recipe is super quick to prepare. Cut the melon into pieces, crumble the feta, pluck the mint from the stalks, halve the olives – add a little olive oil and you can devour this fruity salad straight away! One of the best summer salads ever!

Taboulé – Levantine parsley salad

Taboulé - Parsley salad

The classic parsley salad taboulé has become an integral part of Levantine cuisine and is one of the most popular summer salads for good reason. Lots of fresh parsley, fruity tomatoes and a little bulgur come together here and are combined with a summery dressing of lemon and olive oil and a hint of cinnamon to create a real explosion of flavor. A salad that we always make for barbecues.

Fattoush – colorful salad with crispy flatbread chips


Fattoush is basically a nice, colorful salad with e.g. cucumbers, tomatoes and radishes. What makes it special is the fruity, tangy dressing with sumac and the crispy fried potato chips made from Lebanese flatbread. I could eat my fill of it every time. The recipe is very simple and quick to make.

Kisir – Turkish bulgur salad

Kisir - bulgur salad

A salad that should not be missed in summer is the Turkish bulgur salad called Kisir. Deliciously refined with fresh herbs, tomatoes, peppers and sparkling pomegranate seeds, this summer salad is perfect for any barbecue party.

Avocado and cucumber salad

Avocado and cucumber salad

The green duo of avocado and cucumber is particularly popular in salad bowls. With fresh mint, lemon, garlic and a few seeds, you can prepare this summer salad quickly and easily as a lunchtime snack.

Honeydew melon salad

Honeydew melon salad with tahini-yogurt dressing

Watermelon salad is a hit! But have you ever tried honeydew melon salad? With colorful citrus fruits, creamy feta, crunchy pine nuts and a spicy tahini-yogurt dressing, it makes a refreshing change in the salad bowl.

Tomato salad with sumac onions and pine nuts

Tomato salad with sumac onions and pine nuts

Tomatoes simply taste best in summer. Whether small or large, yellow, green or red – in the warm season they are available in many aromatic varieties. You can therefore buy a large mixed bag and create a colorful tomato salad. Topped with crunchy sumac onions and roasted pine nuts, you can enjoy this quick and easy summer salad in no time at all.

Cucumber salad with yogurt and mint

Cucumber salad with yogurt and mint

Do you like it fresh and creamy? Then this salad with crunchy cucumber, yogurt and mint is just right for you. Cooling dishes are the most pleasant, especially in summer, and don’t fill your stomach up so much. That’s why you should definitely try the cucumber salad! It is also the perfect side dish for grilled delicacies.

Rocket salad with grated halloumi

Rocket salad with halloumi

Halloumi with a difference? Leave the pan standing and the grill off, because this time the squeaky cheese is grated! And because that’s not unusual enough, a few spicy cumin lemons are added to the rocket and sumac onions. One of the best summer salads for me!

Eggplant salad

Eggplant salad with tomato

Have you fired up the barbecue yet? Very good – then throw some eggplants on top! The roasted eggplants can be combined with tomatoes, onions and herbs to make an aromatic and spicy barbecue salad.

Chickpea salad with za’atar

Chickpea salad

Neither falafel nor hummus today – the chickpeas stay in their shape and are made into a crunchy salad with peppers, cucumber, tomatoes and herbs. Add a spicy za’atar dressing and you have a real protein salad – also perfect as a meal prep.

Shirazi salad – Tomato and cucumber salad

Shirazi salad

Tomatoes and cucumbers taste best in summer. So why not chop a salad straight from the fruit and vegetables? With its slightly acidic note, it goes perfectly with grilled meat and vegetables.

Pasta salad with chickpeas and sumac

Pasta salad with chickpeas

What would a list of summer salads be without a delicious pasta salad? Exactly! This fresh pasta salad doesn’t need any mayo, but has fruity tomatoes and tender chickpeas on board. Perfect for a barbecue or a picnic in the park.

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